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One chocolate bar, eight distinct squares, each holding a unique delight, because why choose, dahling? Have it all! 

In the roaring ‘20s, Miss Maude set out to find the world’s best chocolate. Dazzled by the sweets, savories, spices, and spirits of London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, and beyond, she realized that no modern girl should have to settle for only one. So Miss Maude worked to combine the best confections into a single, delicate, and portable package, creating Miss Maude’s bar of chocolates.


Why Choose? Bar | $14.00

The 'Why Choose?' Bar: Arabian Salted Caramel, Spanish Marcona Almonds, English Earl Grey, Peruvian Pink Salt, French Veuve Cliquot Champagne, Japanese Tart Cherry, Italian Hazelnut Praline, and Southern Crisped Rice, all enrobed in Organic Dark Italian Chocolate. Why choose? Have it all!