Join the Movement!

Business Talking Points

Below is information you can use as you educate your staff and customers on the value of shopping locally.

This campaign is different from other “buy local” campaigns across the nation. This campaign:

  • extends beyond local food producers, groceries and restaurants, but can include them
  • supports conscious decisions by consumers to spend within their community to keep more of their dollars in the region
  • encourages Retail Merchant Association members to register (FREE) to participate
  • is low to no cost, depending on options selected
  • provides password-protected, specialized online content to registrants
  • aims to educate, inform and enlighten the community


  1. Helps local businesses compete with national chains and out-of-state organizations.
  2. Can help participating businesses during a time when consumers are more careful with their expenditures.
  3. Potentially increases market share that could pay even bigger dividends when the economy improves.
  4. Supports local employment at the participating merchant as well as complementary businesses in the community.
  5. Promotes the unique benefits that shopping locally provides to the consumer.
    1. Better value and customer service
    2. Keeps dollars local longer
  6. Provides local merchants with another opportunity to thank each of their shoppers and congratulate them for spending locally.
  7. Allows each of you to continue to support local schools, charities and associated non-profits.
  8. Power branding of Think. Shop. Buy. Local® provides marketing synergies for each participant . . . 1+1=3.

The benefits of buying locally are numerous.  As local stores, you employ our neighbors and friends.  You pay taxes that support our schools and improve our roads.  Local stores also contribute to local non-profit groups.  To encourage and support this vibrant local economy, the Retail Merchants Association introduces the “Think. Shop. Buy. Local” campaign.  Together, we can strengthen these relationships that improve our quality of life.