Join the Movement!

Why You Should Participate

  • WHO: Participating Retail Merchants Association members
  • WHAT: Think. Shop. Buy. Local® campaign
  • WHEN: Now!
  • WHERE: At member businesses throughout the service area
  • HOW: Members must request to be participants
  • WHY: To drive traffic to member businesses and support our community

Sign on now to participate in the Think. Shop. Buy. Local campaign, aimed to drive business to your doors and encourage more spending dollars to remain in the local community. The program also is an opportunity for members to promote the value and customer service that local businesses provide while supporting our community.

The Think. Shop. Buy. Local program began in July with radio spots and other news media appearances. Look for the campaign to be featured on social networking sites such as the Retail Merchants’ Facebook fan page and its LinkedIn group page as well as the Retail Merchants Association home page.

Participating members can also expect opportunities for advertising their promotions.

When you register, the Retail Merchants Association will provide you with one two-sided window cling with the oval logo for each of your business locations. The color clings are about 8 inches wide by 5 inches tall and denote the member's participation in the campaign.

  • THINK: Your choice makes a difference.
  • SHOP: You can find everything you need in your own community, while building a relationship with businesses.
  • BUY: Your spending decision determines how much of your money stays local.
  • LOCAL: When you think, shop and buy locally, YOU help build schools, improve roads, support those who employ your friends and neighbors and give back to local causes.

To sign up, call Len East or Preston Perrin at 804-662-5500 or email