Loyal to Local - Getting to Know The Byrd Theatre

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We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are a "reel" treasure.

Talk about a long-standing local business, the Byrd Theatre opened during the roaring 20's (picture Great Gatsby time) and has had a standing-ovation ever since.



It's places like the Byrd Theatre that give Richmond a bit of class, character, culture ... and an elusive fragrance of buttered popcorn.


At the Byrd Theatre, you get to see and experience original 1920's artwork, architecture, and craftsmanship. Their passion for cinema is apparent with the many film-centric events they host. Ultimately, this treasured theatre has a little something for everyone, not to mention uber-affordable ticket prices!


The Byrd Theatre is truly a Richmond icon, it's places like this that make us, even more, #LoyaltoLocal.