• Gifts that Keep Giving: Feed More

    Gifts that Keep Giving: Feed More

    Honor your friends, family, co-workers and/or loved ones than with a gift to help feed more! During the months of November and December, Feed More offers a unique way to share in the holiday spirit with Holiday Cards. Every Holiday Card purchased helps provide nutritious food to the nearly 200,000 Central Virginians who face hunger.
  • Holiday Gifts at Regency

    Holiday Gifts at Regency

    Regency is centrally located in the heart of Richmond’s West End. The mall is anchored by the market’s flagship JCPenney and XXI Forever. Regency features a comprehensive mix of fashion and lifestyle retailers including Sephora, Charlotte Russe, Foot Locker, and Zales. Regency also features an extensive selection of local retailers, so be sure to think, shop, and buy local!

  • Gifts from Strange's Florist

    Gifts from Strange's Florist

    Strange's Florist is Richmond Virginia's largest family-run florist, started by Mr. G. A. Strange in 1935. They have been growing for well over 70 years to provide the best green products for the Richmond community. Check out these gift holiday decoring ideas for the those with and without green thumbs.


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Local Stories

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are a "reel" treasure.

Talk about a long-standing local business, the Byrd Theatre opened during the roaring 20's (picture Great Gatsby time) and has had a standing-ovation ever since.

September 15 / Loyal to Local

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses embrace community. 

Velma Johnson, aka the one and only Mama J, grew up cooking with her grandmother. Now her restaurant is a food destination in Richmond.

September 15 / Loyal to Local

Congratulations to Kathleen and the Urban Farmhouse Cafe team!
We are so excited to celebrate the newest Urban Farmhouse Cafe in Rocketts Landing, 4821 Old Main St, Richmond, VA 23231.

August 23 / Local Experience

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are meaningful. 

Ashley Hawkins has created Studio Two Three, a shared space where local artists can come together to make [art] work. In the studio, they can build their careers, collaborate, craft artwork, contribute to RVA's creative culture, and build the economy. 


August 18 / Loyal to Local

Did you know that over 90% of the vendors at the Richmond Jazz Festival are local businesses? 

The Richmond Jazz Festival is the premier musical event on the east coast, featuring some of the most talented and iconic artists of the time.

August 11 / Local Experience

We’re loyal to local because our local businesses are passionate. 

Masters of blending traditional and modern, these barbers are dedicated to their trade, their neighborhood, other RVA business owners, their customers—and let’s not forget their beloved “office dog,” Dolores. (Be sure to catch a funny moment at 01:57) 

July 20 / Loyal to Local

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are dedicated to building the community. 

June 23 / Loyal to Local

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses help us dream big. 

May 25 / Loyal to Local

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are the heart of Richmond. 

April 26 / Loyal to Local

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are what make Richmond, well, Richmond. They give our community character, create vibrancy and bring us unique experiences. 

March 28 / Loyal to Local

Who doesn’t like to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day?!
Whether its with a cold pint or a hearty meal, your local spots are ready to help you celebrate in full Irish–style. Check out some of the festive local events going on today: 

March 17 / Local Experience


Our local businesses are what make Richmond, well, Richmond. They give our community character, create vibrancy and bring us unique experiences. 

February 03 / Community Support

New things are coming!
We're excited to share new local stories of passion, commitment, and community from our very own Richmond entrepreneurs.

February 17 / Local Experience

It's Richmond, so the panic has ensued. And since the Bread Riot of 1863, bread, milk, and eggs have been the staples needed to get through a snow storm.

Times have changed, so we're saying out with the old and in with the new! Here are our top three things you need to get/do before Friday at 1pm... I mean 2pm... I mean 8am?? Forget it. 


January 07 / Local Experience

"We form relationships with them..."
When you spend your dollars locally, you're investing in the growing community.

November 19 / Local Experience

"We're working to create a better environment..."
Not only do Josh & Cody work locally, they're working to make the community a better place.

November 19 / Why Local

"Well, local is a number of things..."
Richmond Locals, Bob and Dougie Scudder, know that local has a neighborhood feeling, that when they shop locally they...

September 15 / Why Local

"It's relationships like this, with Puritan Cleaners, that make Richmond a better place to work, live, and play..."
Local business, Puritan Cleaners, teamed up with local baseball team, Richmond Flying Squirrels, to give back to the community in an unexpected way ...

September 15 / Community Support


Local stores give back to the community.
"He took that money and donated it to another Local art organization, art 180, and I thought that was fantastic, kinda paying it forward." Lynn Zinder has been a customer of Saxon Shoes for over 40 years, you'll never believe what the owner was able to do to help the community.

November 03 / Community Support

"She really went above and beyond."
"It's so important to shop local. I get such great service."
As an image consultant, Joanne brought in a Mother-of-the-Bride to find the perfect dress, their experience wasn't what they expected.

September 15 / Local Experience

"You're going to get unique attention when you shop in a locally owned store..."
Local store, Cynthia Steele, provided Richmond local, Susan and her sister an experience they'll never forget.

September 15 / Local Experience

"...it’s a different type of relationship than you’d have with a big department store…”
Local jewelry maker and Crossroads Art Center employee, Julie Matres, knows the importance of shopping locally. That’s because...

September 15 / Local Experience

“It’s just like family when we go over there…”
Local business owner of Spang TV, Melanie Cox, has been a long time ...

September 15 / Local Experience


What do you enjoy about working locally?
Cody: Here at CarLotz we have a very close team environment where we’re always working together to create a better scenario to buy and sell vehicles.
Josh: I think it’s serving the community and looking for ways to help, and also that support of helping your neighbor. The majority of our customers are from around here and we try to give them the best service possible, so they’re comfortable through, what’s not typically, an easy transaction. It’s also helping build a business that is changing the industry.

July 08 / Local Experience