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It's Richmond, so the panic has ensued. And since the Bread Riot of 1863, bread, milk, and eggs have been the staples needed to get through a snow storm.

Times have changed, so we're saying out with the old and in with the new! Here are our top three things you need to get/do before Friday at 1pm... I mean 2pm... I mean 8am?? Forget it. 



1. Don't whine, get wine.

The number one thing you'll need to get through these hard times, a good attitude and lots of wine, bourbon, or beer...


2. Go get a sled!

Celebrate by sledding (preferably before Step 1). Richmond.com came out with this great list of sledding locations. Plus, a little birdy told us that Pleasants Hardware is about to get a new shipment of sleds...


3. The Essentials

Bread, milk, and eggs... why? Because it'll make your momma rest easier.