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What do you enjoy about working locally?
Cody: Here at CarLotz we have a very close team environment where we’re always working together to create a better scenario to buy and sell vehicles.
Josh: I think it’s serving the community and looking for ways to help, and also that support of helping your neighbor. The majority of our customers are from around here and we try to give them the best service possible, so they’re comfortable through, what’s not typically, an easy transaction. It’s also helping build a business that is changing the industry.

What’s a unique fact about CarLotz?
Josh: So at CarLotz we employee here has a fist car poster above their desk. It creates a unique story for each of the team mates, and it’s a great conversation starter to help react and relate with guests.

What was your first car?
Josh: 1988 Toyota Camry! It had multiple issues with it. It was a great excuse to miss curfew and miss getting home on time. The thing’s still probably still running like a champ somewhere. It was a great to get me to point a, to point b.
Cody: My first car was a 1995 Toyota Camry that was handed down by my grandparents. It was a great surprise, they surprised me with it for my 16th birthday. I drove down to Richmond, I actually lived in Charlottesville at the time, so I got to drive all the way home on the highway. Quite the story that I’ll never forget, getting my first car.

When was a time you really helped out a customer?
Josh: One I remember, we had a lady come here who was moving out of the country in a month, needed to do something with two cars that she owned. I worked very hard to get both cars sold for her before she left the country. I sent her with a big chunk of money to take with her. Cody: I was working very closely with a buy from Denver, Colorado. He was looking at an older mustang that we had for sale and he ended up flying into Richmond. I went and picked him up from the airport, brought him here to the lot, took him on a test drive. He purchased the mustang and drove it all the way back to Denver.

Why Support Local?
Did you know local businesses like CarLotz are more likely to support community causes. By spending your money locally, you’re supporting causes like Massey Cancer Center, Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids, Richmond Food Bank, and more!

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