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Spring has sprung… well technically, at least. While we’re confident that warmer weather is just around the corner, this week marked the beginning of spring and for many, that means it’s time to get dirty, literally – the garden season is finally here! To help, We’ve asked Strange’s Florists Greenhouses & Garden Centers for a few of their top tips for creating that picturesque garden, perfect for a season of outdoor entertaining.


  1. Be prepared for a late frost! Protect your plants showing signs of new growth by watering down the beds the day before. Wet soil holds temperature better than dry soil and can assist in protecting your plants from frost.
  1. Tomato care: Don’t forget to add calcium to the soil when planting tomatoes to help in avoiding blossom end rot. Learn more about blossom end rot and other common tomato issues here
  1. Flowers that bloom all summer: Looking for an annual with a long bloom time? Dragon wing begonias, angelonia, salvia, new guinea impatiens, portulaca, and vinca are all great choices for summer-long bloomers! 
  1. Shade-loving annuals: Is your yard all shade? There are plenty of options for unique color in shade areas! Coleus, caladiums, and impatiens provide shade gardens with texture and striking colors.
  1. Weed prevention: Now is the time to treat your lawn and garden beds with pre-emergent in order to prevent weed sprouting.
  1. Feed your plants: Have you planted shrubs or perennials in the last 3 years? More often than not, those plants need a little extra food this time of year (especially your roses) to assist in producing new growth. For more information on what fertilizers to use check out this Strange’s blog post.