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Whether you’re making a formal New Year’s Resolution, or just looking to try something new in 2019, the start of a new year brings with it a healthy dose of promise, possibility, and the opportunity to step outside your regular routine and see what else Richmond has to offer.

If you’re looking to…

be better about writing handwritten notes in 2019

Both giving and receiving handwritten notes feels so much more meaningful than email. Start the year off with a fresh box of beautiful stationery from Merrymaker Fine Paper is sure to entice you to start putting more pen to paper.


clean out the closets in 2019

Purge all those items you haven’t worn in years and start the year off with a little extra space in your closet and some extra money in your pocket. Clementine, Ashby, and Clover are a trio of consignment stores located in Carytown which will pay you cash for your unwanted items including clothes, shoes, and accessories. Clementine and Ashby feature adult clothing while Clover caters to children’s items.


get better sleep in 2019

“Go to the mattresses…,” the famous line from “The Godfather” is actually what you should do when it comes to better sleep. According to the Better Sleep Council, you should be replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, or sooner if you’re waking up stiff, with an aching back, or generally uncomfortable. Bedcrafters by Michelle can work with you to make sure you’re sleeping on the right kind of mattress for your sleep style so that you can wake up restful and not hurting.


try a new ‘do in 2019

What better time to debut a new hairstyle than a new year? New year, new you, right? Mango Salon boasts four locations throughout the Richmond region and over 100 team members, they work hard to pair clients with the right stylists and they aren’t satisfied until you love your hair – so you’re in good hands.


switch up your workout routine in 2019

Whether getting in shape was your resolution or you’re just looking for new ways to keep yourself motivated, it’s a great time to try a new workout beyond the typical gym. City Barre offers workouts based on traditional ballet movements while also incorporating yoga and pilates exercises.  Prefer something a little more high intensity? TITLE Boxing Club offers a selection of high-intensity boxing, kickboxing, and MMA workout classes.