Loyal to Local

The Gift They’ll Remember...

Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift that’s sure to bring a smile to their face? LaDiff is your solution. It’s quirky, it’s functional, and it’s sure to steal the spotlight this holiday season! (And between you and me - it’s the easiest gift you’ll ever give! Not only are their items affordable, but they’ll even gift wrap it for you!)


Ladiff featured story web16Just Furniture? Think Again...

LaDiff originally started with imported baskets from Haiti and although you may know them today as one of the go-to furniture stores here in Richmond, their eye for the quirky and stunning trickles down to their gifts as well! Co-owners Sarah Paxton and Andy Thornton, curate unique items - both big and small - that are not only sophisticated but also full of personality.


Match Made in Richmond...

LaDiff offers the unique experience of gift match-making skills. Their team is well versed in the art of understanding their customers and have an innate ability to pair everyone on your list with the perfect gift that’s personable and sure to be cherished for years to come.


Every Gift Has A Story...

Nothing is boring in LaDiff. From elegantly handcrafted works of art that can both be worn or displayed - their endless selection of quirky jewelry, fun pottery pieces, and unconventional office supplies are sure to start conversations. Every item here has a story to tell, such as the ones of hope that come from their jewelry and pull-tab purses that help bring jobs and support through co-ops across the globe.





Bobino Office Supplies

Make work a little more enjoyable this holiday season with LaDiff’s wide selection of Bobino office supplies.






Fit for all ages, mobiles offer the unique capability of displaying a one-of-a-kind piece of art without taking up wall space or precious surface area. Next time you’re in LaDiff, don’t forget to look up! They offer a wide variety of mobiles in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes.





Sapiens Bookcases

Sapiens Bookcases aren’t only good-looking and functional pieces fit for any room, but their slim profiles also help save space making them a practical investment this holiday season. (Santa Gnome sold separately…unfortunately.)





Cuckoo Clocks

Handmade in Progretti, Italy – these colorful cuckoo clocks are sure to make quite the impression and serve as the perfect statement piece for any home! A new take on an old tradition, these unique pieces have been found in Museum of Modern Art MoMA in both New York & San Francisco.





Pop Chart Art Display

Easy wall hangings that make a big impression, these Pop Chart Art posters and displays simple, but big crowd pleasers.





Chilewich Placemats

Placemats can bring new life to a table and kitchen decor. These Chilewich woven placemats are the perfect gift for a new home buyer or to add new life to your own kitchen table.






They light up your life, so why not give the gift that lights up theirs? With innovative and functional lighting, from hanging to standing, to pretty much acrobatic status, these are sure-fire gifts.





Chopstick Baskets

Made completely out of chopsticks and several sizes to choose from, these unique baskets serve as both functional and decorative - making them a worthwhile gift for anyone on your list!





Dammit Dolls

With football season well underway, we all know someone who could use one of these dolls to help alleviate some of their pent-up frustration. Available in various kinds and colors, Dammit Dolls are your go-to gift for that one relative you’ve been walking on eggshells around since their favorite team lost over the Thanksgiving weekend...





Ostrich Pillow

Surprising fact - ostriches don’t actually hide their heads in the sand. Another surprising fact, these pillows are amazingly comfortable. Best part, you can’t even see the strange looks from your co-workers. Haters gonna hate.





Desk Supply Holders

Travelling all the way from Argentina, these leather animals make for the perfect desk accessories to hold all your office supplies.





Mukul Goyal tape dispenser

This Mukul Goyal tape dispenser makes a great addition to any office space. Made of chrome and glass, these are full of personality and are great conversation starters.





Fishs Eddy Glasses

Bring some festivity to the table with standout glassware. This holiday drinkware is definitely a step up from those Santa cups your grandma still uses.



LaDiff-Featured-Story76websafe.jpg LaDiff-Featured-Story85websafe.jpg LaDiff-Featured-Story49websafe.jpg


Loop Candle Holders & Bowl

Why be boring when you can express yourself? This fruit bowl and dinner candelabra will set your table apart from the rest as you express your creative side and impress your mother-in-law.






Picture this - print some photos of this past year, frame them, and send them off! You’ll win Christmas and the grandparents and parents will be thrilled. Done.





Taschen Books

Gorgeously curated, LaDiff’s collection of Taschen Books is guaranteed to charm any and everyone on your list this holiday season.






Knitted together with love. <- There’s a cheesy saying to go in the card that accompanies these beautifully woven and funky scarves.





Pear Candles

Love is in the air, no wait, that’s the just the smell of these Vance Kitira scented candles. Because candles are pretty much the best gift to give and to get.



LaDiff-Featured-Story91websafe.jpg LaDiff-Featured-Story99websafe.jpg LaDiff-Featured-Story95websafe.jpg LaDiff-Featured-Story93websafe.jpg LaDiff-Featured-Story96websafe.jpg



It’s art that you wear. Period.

But, a little fun fact, LaDiff carries handcrafted jewelry from a number of countries all across the globe and, in light of the business’ overall theme, a majority of their jewelry collections are made from materials often used to craft furniture.





Soko Jewelry Case 

The items in this jewelry case are not to be overlooked! Their uniqueness may not be completely evident at first glance, but with a second look, it’s hard not to fall in love with the sleek, innovative design of these beautiful pieces. Ethically made in Kenya, this jewelry is handcrafted with bronze and adorned with horn, instead of stone. What makes this jewelry even more appealing? Each purchase gives back to a Women’s Co-Op in Kenya.





Cat Caves

As if your cat didn’t already have enough personality, these felted caves are the perfect way to help them truly embrace their individuality. Quirky and fun, LaDiff offers different cat caves in all kinds of shapes and colors.





Face Vases

With twelve unique faces in all - these vases add character to any living space. Although great together, every one of these little guys is so full of personality that they have no problem standing on their own.



About LaDiff...

Initially named after a Haitian motto, "Vive la Difference," and inspired by the thoughtful design and craftsmanship of the country's handmade goods, Richmond's own LaDiff truly shows how staying loyal to local can make a difference.

Owned by husband and wife duo, Andy Thornton and Sarah Paxton, LaDiff is much more than just a furniture store. They not only seek to provide their customers with beautiful, well-built designs, but they are also passionate about the RVA community. Choosing to keep their business in a single location in Richmond, the couple continually strives to enrich this amazing city by serving on local boards and supporting several local charities.

LaDiff's passion and commitment to making a difference both in and outside our wonderful home here in RVA is just another reason we remain #loyaltolocal.