Loyal to Local

Back in 1928, James River Transportation began with the Story family and their mission to being Virginia’s single transportation solution. With a single bus, they were able to help bridge gaps in the community by providing transit for commuters from rural Virginia into downtown Richmond. This opened up new opportunities for employment and connected shoppers with the bustling city shops.



Today, transportation needs are just slightly different as technology is changing the way we travel. Through the years James River Transportation continues to evolve and meet the needs of Richmonders and our community. One thing that hasn’t changed with the times - James River’s dedication to safety and reliable service. If there’s a convention in town, they’re there, giving attendees a great experience. If there’s a festival, they’re there, connecting Richmonders to their neighbors and friends. At the airport, James River Transportation is there, making sure that visitors are warmly welcomed to our city.



With their longevity in Richmond, James River Transportation has become part of our landscape. Looking at historical photos of Richmond, president and grandson of the original owners, Stephen Story, reflected on the impact his family has been able to have. “Some of those old photos have James River buses in them,” he shared, “and to me, that’s really cool.”


Fun fact, Stephen Story first worked at James River Transportation getting paid $2 an hour for making luggage tags. #familyownedandoperated  



Continuing his family’s legacy of being active in the community, it’s very important to Stephen and his team. On any given day, their drivers could be volunteering with school, church, or military related organizations. They believe that staying active and giving back is the “foothold, that makes you part of the community,” says Stephen.



Not only are they enthusiastic about giving back, Stephen Story and his team take great responsibility in the safety of their passengers. They go above and beyond what is required to make sure their passengers are safe and in good hands. Things like intense screenings of drivers before employment continued driving and safety training and testing with state-of-the-art equipment, and fitting all of their buses with seat belts, really show this company’s dedication to safely transporting their customers.



James River Transportation’s strong commitment to service, safety, and community makes us, even more, loyal to local businesses.



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