Loyal to Local

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We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are woven into the community.

When you enter into Shockoe Atelier, it’s clear that this place is interwoven with the Richmond community.



Anthony Lupesco started the business in 2012, with the support of his father, Pierre. On a mission to make the best pair of jeans, the two started crafting denim on Pierre’s living room floor.



When Anthony reflects back on their beginnings, it’s the support of the community that stands out. “The reason why we make a really good jean now, is because of the feedback from Richmonders,” he shared. “It was huge in the development of our company.”



Richmonders appreciate the effort, the craftsmanship, and story behind the products, and that’s evident with the support that Shockoe Atelier has found. From Richmond artists like Ed Trask, to local stores selling their products, Richmonders appreciate the unique point of view that Shockoe Atelier provides.



In 2014, Matt Rho joined Shockoe Atelier as their Partner and Commercial Director. When describing what Richmond has meant to them, he shared that, “Richmond is an incredibly supportive community… Richmonders are always really willing to support something local...it's our main support base and I think it always will be.”



“There’s something very special about the city,” Pierre shares. As he tried to describe Richmond, he was at a loss for words, “I don’t think the word has been invented yet.”



It’s local businesses, like Shockoe Atelier, and the people behind our local products, that are the essence of Richmond culture. Their stories make us, even more, #LoyaltoLocal.