Loyal to Local

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We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses are dedicated to building the community. 

Together, two brothers have built a neighborhood brewery that revolves not only around craft beer, but the people who enjoy it.



At local businesses like Center of the Universe, people are pursuing their passion.

Chris and Phil Ray started off homebrewing as a hobby, now they've turned their passion into a profitable business that invests in people of the community.  


From homebrewing to making it feel like home, Center of the Universe is a good ol' neighborhood brewery where the community can come together.

When you drink a local craft beer, you're supporting that business, you're supporting those people, you're helping create more jobs, and you're raising Richmond up.

So join us in raising a glass to local, because drinking local, supporting local, believing in local, is important - it gives our city heart and soul. It's businesses like Center of the Universe, and their stories, that continue to make us #LoyaltoLocal.