Loyal to Local

We're Loyal to Local because our local businesses help us dream big. 

Jill and Jenesse, started bbgb tales for kids to create a space where the community could come together to dream, be inspired, and help others.



It's people like Jill and Jenesse, who really care about creating a space for creativity and imagination.
At bbgb, the community comes together to create a beautiful story. Jill and Jenesse (and bbgb) are another reason we're sold on being #LoyaltoLocal.


bbgb can stand for many things, but the most meaningful, particularly to its owners, are "Bring Back Good Books" and "Buy a Book - Give a Book." These gals are so dedicated to giving back to the community through great books.

From kids to adults, this local corner bookstore has something for everyone. 

Did you know that the employees at bbgb are schooled in the art of picking the perfect book? They know their product "really, really well," and they make it a point to match their customers with the best book.

Stepping into bbgb is just fun. When you leave, you're inspired to be a better person, you look at the world a little differently, and you can't wait to get reading!