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“When you’re dressed properly, and when it fits properly - you feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way.” - Kevin Reardon, Owner, Franco’s Fine Clothier







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Franco’s Fine Clothier was started in 1972 mainly because Franco Ambrogi wanted to provide proper service to his customers. When he worked for someone else, he wasn't able to help customers the way he wanted to.




From a young age, Franco appreciated the importance of tailoring and fit in clothing. He tells his story about starting his own business and the journey he took to get there - it’s nothing less than inspiring.





Franco shares, “I’m a true World War 2 child. During that time there was no school. I found myself enjoying seeing my mother sewing. I started sewing at age six. I went professional in a tailor shop when I was ten years old. Went to a designer school for three years, and then at age 16, I came over to this country by myself. I had the privilege to have American citizenship and lived with an uncle of mine. I went from a tailor shop to a department store, to a specialty shop. After I was married, my wife and I decided to go into business in 1972, though we started the business five years before at home - and that’s what happened.”






Because of Franco’s drive and passion for quality clothing and customer service, Franco and Franco’s Fine Clothier has been woven into the heart of our community ever since.







In the 1980’s, Kevin Reardon, Franco’s son-in-law, stepped into the business. Since he joined the Franco’s team, the company continues to evolve. “Franco’s today, we’ve evolved a bit, but being in the fashion industry, you have to evolve,” Kevin shared. Though their foundation is still dress clothing, they have developed staples in sportswear and shoes. The quality that you expect from Franco’s applies to every aspect of a man’s clothing needs.







Franco’s Fine Clothier customers are those who value quality, pay attention to the details, and know that looking sharp can help them conquer anything. At Franco’s, you’re going to be treated right. Their craft is an art that you don’t see anymore.







Franco, still driven by his passion for quality, continues to keep his hands in the business by preparing all the work. He believes that if prepped correctly, it is sewn correctly, and then everyone will be happy. Franco isn’t the only one committed to quality.







“Without good employees, no business can survive - we have been very blessed,” says Franco. The reason he said “we,” Franco explains, “it is because my wife and I, we always work together. It has always been a family business and will always be a family business.”







Their family mentality is what continues to drive success for this 40+-year-old business. They want to do better for their customer because they aren’t just customers, they’re neighbors, friends, and family.







So, whether it's staying abreast of the relevant style trends, keeping an eye on quality craftsmanship, ensuring that each garment fits perfectly, or delivering garments on time, quality in every aspect of the business is the foundation of the family business.







When you shop, you make a vote towards the kind of businesses you’d like in our community. It’s local businesses like Franco’s that keep the heart and soul of our community thriving. That’s why stories like this make us, even more, loyal to local.