Loyal to Local

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Why love Richmond? Oh, let me count the ways! There are a million little things that, when added all up, are just supposed to be together...

Here are a few of those many little things in RVA that we just can’t quit.




 mahogany sweets - web safe_26.jpgmahogany sweets - web safe_33.jpgmahogany sweets - web safe_29.jpg

Mahogany Sweets 



Richmond is simply full of neighbors who are there to be, well, neighbors - in every sense of the word! They care for and help one another. The collaborations and joint efforts that our local businesses have, make them such a strong and positive influence on the RVA community.




 Ellwood Thompson



Getting a little sappy, we love and appreciate the commitment Richmond businesses have for our community. They’re the first ones to sponsor your kids’ baseball team, give to a charity, or help with a fundraiser. They are devoted to helping their neighbors by selling products that make a difference and have meaning.




Ladles & Linens Kitchen Shoppe 



Shops here in RVA have such unique items! The owners take great care to take the time to personally acquainted with their customers & thoughtfully stock their shops with items they know people will adore. Talk about a true love story.



Stranges florist31.jpg

Stranges florist73.jpgStranges florist79.jpg

Crossroads Art Center 



It’s incredible how much art Richmond has to offer! It’s safe to say that the arts are alive and well here in RVA and we are lucky enough to be the beneficiaries. Walking around the many galleries throughout the city, such as Crossroads Art Center, is like stepping into a masterpiece - they provide an experience you won’t soon forget! You’ll see works from a wide variety of artists and mediums - whether it’s sculptures, paintings, dance, theatre, or yarn bombing on some road signs - you can find it all here.




 Capital Ale House



Nothing super deep here, we just simply love the beer in Richmond - and, in case you haven’t heard, so does the rest of the world. With numerous accolades and awards from different agencies, people travel from all over to taste what we have to offer. Our favorite way to enjoy an award-winning beer in the best city ever? With people who are into Richmond just as much as we are, while successfully avoiding “that guy” from high school.




 Gelati Celesti



Richmond businesses are the sweetest! Without Gelati Celesti ice cream, RVA would be full of darkness and chaos - no joke. We think that “Let’s get Gelati Celesti,” might be the most one of the most romantic things someone can say… Really though, anyone up for a quick ice cream run?


BiUS Facebook 1200 X 630 (1).jpeg 



Needless to say, we think Richmond is pretty swell. Richmonders who run their own businesses, employ our neighbors, support our community, and listen to their customers, continually make us (even more) Loyal to Local.

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