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The 804 connection...
You know that feeling you have when you forget your phone at home, or worse, you have it with you and it dies? There’s nothing worse than that dreaded feeling of disconnect and not being able to communicate. 



Enter local business, Infotel Systems... They’re the ones who keep the 804 connections happening. For nearly 30 years, this Richmond telecommunications service provider has made it their business to help the movers and shakers in Richmond keep the connections they need to thrive.


infotel web112


No national company can compete...
This local provider creates close-knit connections that no national company can compete with. Being closer to your provider means that the signal only has to travel a few miles from their data center to you. It also means that they’re personally invested in the well-being of the of their clients and the community - it’s where they live, work, and play.


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Crafted connections...
Close knit connections aren’t just for the communication lines. You can see their dedication to the community before you ever enter their doors. The metal flowers adorning the entranceway are crafted by a local artist from Crossroads Art Center.


infotel web115


Getting it done...
Infotel is dedicated to making sure area businesses are able to get things done. They’re right around the corner in the case of natural disasters, power outages, or grids going down. In fact, their staff can be on-site within about 10 minutes to help with your IT needs. No more long holds or endless call menus to try to find the right person to find a solution. They’re right there with the solution and a personal greeting.


Infotel System’s dedication to keeping our 804 area connected inspires us to be, even more, loyal to local.