Local Gifts

When you choose to shop locally, you're making an investment into your community, you're supporting your friends and neighbors, and you're finding a truly unique gift. We'd say, that's the kind of gift that keeps on giving.




Fraiche is a sure-fire place to find gifts for the gal with a home to fill. You’ll find furniture, beautiful table settings, decorative pillows, elegant lamps, and pretty knick-knacks, just like the ones you found while stalking her Pinterest boards.




We know you’ve been a saint all year, but if you happened to slip up once or twice, and you really owe the gal in your life, find the perfect gift at this gem of a local store. Carreras Jewelers has been family-owned and operated since 1967 and they specialize in gifts that wow – and that get you out of the doghouse.




A specialty gift shop located in Short Pump, Tweed has lots of unique options when it comes to finding those special pieces for her. With clothing, jewelry, accessories, and that one of a kind item that is sure to make her smile.




This one is a certain win. This local clothing store was founded in 1936, and they continue to always stay ahead of the times with their fashion. Overwhelmed with options? Customer service is a specialty. They can help narrow down options and find the perfect thing, just for her.




For the gal who wants to stay - on trend. Located in the heart of Carytown, this place is full of great finds. From personalized gifts, to locally crafted jewelry, to those fun and funny gifts. This place is full of finds for the trendy southern gal.