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Wednesday, April 05, 2017 12:00 PM
Art Works - 320 Hull St, Richmond, VA 23224, USA
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Join us March 24th for the opening of The Three R’s—an exhibit and interactive learning experience that explores what Americans throw away and how we can “reduce, reuse and recycle”.  From Land to Sky by Lorra Kurtz continues, four solo exhibits and a video series open.   RVA Dance Collective will perform new choreography by Jess Burgess and Danica Kalemdaroglu.  The reception is March 24th  7-10 p.m.   The exhibits continue through April 23, 2017. This event is free and open to the public.   Exhibits include: 


The Three R’s -

The theme for this All Media exhibit is “reduce, reuse and recycle”, Artists make use of items that Americans throw away turning them into artwork, sometimes beautiful, often thought provoking.  This is a juried show with cash prizes and is open to all artists. The exhibit includes an interactive aspect where the viewer experiences the proclivity of throwaway in our American life-style and ways to change Americans’ life-style for a better planet.  Call for Entries is on March 17th and 18th.  The exhibit will be included as part of the Earth Day 2017 Festival in Manchester.  The festival is April 22nd.   Check our website for details on submitting your artwork:    http://www.artworksrichmond.com/CallforEntries.htm



  From Land to Sky by Lorra Kurtz -

Lorra Kurtz’s From Land to Sky, is an exhibit of vivid whimsical works to colorful, dreamy and muted pieces.   Each painting is a metaphor of her life—struggles and satisfactions.  Hummingbirds are a central theme and a constant source of inspiration—painted in memory of her father and his spirit.  The exhibit will be in the Jane Sandelin Gallery.




Find Your Path by Karol Hilker -

This exhibit is a series of mixed media paintings with figures that are in positions of discovery, joy and love. They represent the struggles we all have with being our own true person and finding our paths in life. Their busy lives are represented with lines of ribbons and wires that pull on the figures. The box like canvas surrounds the figure like we surround ourselves with others and their opinions. The edges of the box have lines, ribbons and wires representing the many layers in our lives. The figures are not limited by the box they have been put in or by the lives they lead. The exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, East.  


  Here & There by Robert Wynne -

Wynne says,  I believe that art has to do with human beings deep desire to communicate to others.  Trips to New Mexico, New Orleans and Scotland have inspired Wynne to paint watercolors of landscapes, pueblos and flowers and the figure. Other subjects have included scenes from Richmond and America’s West, as well as travel to the Holy Lands.  Wynne has been studying art at  John Tyler Community College for the past 11 years in drawing, oil painting, watercolors, art history and chalk pastels.  This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, West.  


  Life Through Collage, As I See It... by Shantell Lewis -

Life itself is as complex as the various pieces of a collage.. 

This quote describes the artwork of Shantell D. Lewis. A native of Richmond, VA, her over sized collection of collages on canvas were inspired by her travels, life and the life of everyday people, “as she sees them” in the moment.  The mixture of patterns, media and combinations of colors make these collages as striking as the subject matter. Shantell's use of silhouette figures made of various materials in the collages represents the image of everyday people. This exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery.


  A Look at the Colors of Water and Leaves by Minh-Chau Truong - 

Minh-Chau Truong’s recent work in painting, pottery, photography surrounding the theme of "Water". This exhibit will be in the Skylight Gallery.  




  The Steven Futz Series 

You may have seen some of Steven Futz’s videos on local cable TV.   He brings to Art Works, a series of videos that he has compiled, set to pop music--which if not cleverly, then shockingly, shows global events and how the events parallel and repeat through recent decades.   The videos change weekly.  This exhibit will be in the Studio 162.  




About Us 


ART WORKS is a full service art center where the public can see and buy art 6 days a week, rent space for special events and see artists at work.  We represent over 100 Virginia artists and present national and international artists in monthly shows.  There are 75 studios and 6 galleries at ART WORKS.   The public is invited to our monthly all-media, juried art shows, the 4th Friday of each month and are encouraged to participate in our programs, shows and events.  


ART WORKS is involved in community programs, is a venue for many bridal receptions, fundraisers, parties and meetings.  Our on-site staff lends our expertise to these events.  


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